The First Concept Of Hospitality

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 The concept of lodging for the tourists is not new in India. It is a recorded history. Lodging facilities are playing a vital part of tourist supply and an important feature of the total hospitality industry of a country. Various activities in many countries have resulted in the building up of a various types of hotels for accommodation.

The concept of Hospitality has diversified to a huge extent after the process of globalization, which has taken place in most of the countries of Earth. Hospitality Industry can be classified into main two segments:

1. Lodging Industry: that includes hotels, casinos, resorts, parks, hostels and other types of accommodation.

2. Food Service Industry: that includes restaurants, fast food counters, bars, coffee shops and so on. Food services are implicit to travel. As people need shelter, also they need food.


             The lodging industry can be defined as a dimension of the hospitality industry; which strives on the vision and mission of providing accommodation services to the bonafide travelers. Travelers who are travelling across the world for the various purpose of travel mostly need the accommodation facility. It is impossible to categories lodging industry under one term.

The lodging industry is further classified into the:

(a) The organized hotel industry

(b) The unorganized supplementary Accommodation Industry

(c) The semi organized Intermediate Accommodation Industry



LODGING INDUSTRY Organized Hotel Supplementary Intermediate Acc.Industry

  • Airport Hotels, Youth Hostels, Eurotels
  •  Motels, Circuit Houses, Apart Hotels
  •  Business Hotels, Dak Bungalows, Villas
  •  Resorts, Retiring Rooms, Mountain Cabins
  •  Suburban Hotels, Dermatomes, Sanitaria
  •  Conference Centers, Holiday Camps, Hospitals
  •  Boutique Hotels, Tourist Bungalows
  •  Convention Hotels, Private Households



             The lodging industry is, perhaps, one of the oldest commercial Endeavours in the World and is a fast growing industry with a lot of career opportunities. The establishment of money during the sixth century B.C. gave the opportunity to the people of trade and travel. Thus the origin can be traced back to the sixth century B.C. which was in the forms of inns which were the first type of hotels to cater to the lodging requirements of the travelers and were the products of urge to travel. These inns were managed by the husband and wife team who provided the travelers with overnight accommodation. They also provided food and wines and some other types of facilities. The beginning of Industrial revolution in Europe introduced the new ideas in the business of inn-keeping as traveling become more frequent after the development of other means of transportation such as railways and ships. The industrial revolution also led the opportunities for people to involve themselves into the business in which they have to travel from one place to another, thus increasing the demand of place where they can get shelter or we can say home away from home. In England, in earlier days the lodging industry was divided mainly into two parts. Firstly was “Inns” which were constructed for the noble and elite guests and second were called “Taverns” which were constructed to suffice the needs of common people. In French, similarly “Hoteliers” were constructed to cater to the needs of rich and wealthy people and “Cabarets” were for the common people. Similarly, other native form of hostelry also become popular in other parts of the World such as “Riokan” in Japan, “Pardons” in Spain and “Posada” in Portugal. England was the first country to use the term “Hotel” to these commercial lodging establishments in the year 1760 A.D. In U.S.A., the lodging establishments were called “Inns” or “Coffee Houses”. U.S.A. was the first country where the real growth of hotels took place, when the first building for hotel purpose was built in the year 1794 called the “CITY HOTEL” in New York. This was followed by an era of competition in the field of the hotel industry as many beautiful hotels were constructed at this time. The concept of the operation of the chain hotel was introduced in the field of the hotel industry with the beginning of the first commercial hotel by Ellsworth Statler in1908 A.D. called “The Buffalo Statler”. In the year 1930, there was a great Economic Depression in United States and Europe which sank the business of the hotel industry into all time low. After that there was a speedy recovery to that during and after the Second World War

Important Landmarks In The History Of The Hotel Industry 

  •  1794 A.D.: The first commercial building for the hotel purpose called the “CITY HOTEL” was constructed in New York, U.S.A.
  •  1829 A.D.: The “Tremont House”, “1st First Class Hotel” was constructed in Boston, U.S.A.
  •  1875 A.D.: The most expensive hotel of its day called “The Palace” was built in San Francisco
  •  1908 A.D.: Mr. Ellsworth Statler started the first commercial chain of hotels called “The Buffalo chain of Hotels”
  •  1915 A.D.: The international chains of hotels were started.
  • 1930: The economic depression led to the decline of the hotel industry.
  •  1939 – 1945: There was an increase in the number of hotels during World War II.

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