About NIHM

‘Constantly changing’ is the correct phrase to characterize the hospitality and tourism industry today. Worldwide recessionary conditions, globalization, industry-wide focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility are just some of the forces converging and resulting in widespread change. Thus the industry requires future leaders in hospitality and tourism to be well versed in past, current and emerging management practices.

Since its formation in 1994, National Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata has endeavored to develop the “True Hotel Professional”. Founded by a group of educationist and enthusiastic hoteliers who realized requirement of the Hotel Industry and demanded the professional performance rather than mare paper qualification form the Graduates. Over the years the NIHM students of hotel management are trained to behold the ethnic features and tradition of hotel industry both from historical perspectives and also the new school of thoughts and trends in conciliation of the approach of other service sectors.

The style and system of running NIHM is very much based on reality. Inter wined with solid theory and analysis, there is scope for realistic practical experience and evaluation of information. Our goal, has been all along, to provide opportunities to students with the most up-to-date contents and amenities with the expectation that to build the next generation hospitality leaders those will be fully prepared to great the challenges of hotel industry.

Career Perspectives of hotel management may develop from the industry perspective with the generalized acumen of service sector jobs. Industry trends, changing demographics, supply and demand are all important for deciding careers in hospitality. NIHM, Kolkata provide  facilities to students for quality education and social justice. NIHM is committed to the values of equal opportunity for all students to participate in the higher education for hotel management.

The Hospitality Industry has become increasingly globalized and in modern days, the hospitality sector entrepreneurs have come to realize that the skill requirement of the managers need to be changed. Since, the industry specific knowledge, hands on experience, generic management skills & knowledge has become globally important for hotel industry, NIHM, Kolkata has modified the teaching style and curricula to become the best hotel management college in West Bengal.


To nurture and engender creativity and innovation, by encouraging its members to follow the road less traveled. To achieve this NIHM has carefully put together a passionate and enthusiastic workforce, wherein each individual has been chosen on the basis of his/her commitment and talent, irrespective of age. Our passion for student-centric approach enables us to evolve with the Hospitality leaders of tomorrow.


To create industry ready professionals who are ready to deliver and face the fiercely competitive market. NIHM, making a compelling difference to the world of hospitality through nurturing of inspired hospitality leaders. In the process, NIHM strives to become a trusted & influential educational institute that supports the growth of Hospitality industry in the country at different levels by providing knowledge and managerial competencies in every sector of Hospitality industry.

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