Food and Beverage – Lesson 3

Lesson: – 03


Types of outlet of F&B service

Specialty restaurant: service in a specialty restaurant is both formal & stylish.  The menu may be an a-la-carte buffet, or a table d’ hote.  This type of outlets which provide special food from only one type of cuisine i.e. Indian, continental, oriental.  Waiters should be highly skilled.  Normally every 5 star hotel has at least one specialty restaurant.


Coffee shop: this outlet is open twenty-four hours for service.  It generally serves pre-plated food.  The prices are not as high as in a specialty restaurant.  Coffee shops in luxury hotels are often the only venues where one can get a decent meal or a snack long after other restaurants have closed.  The revenue generated from this outlet is the second highest in the food & beverage service department.


Room service:  it is impossible to imagine a hotel without a room service section.  It can be defined as a section providing food & drinks to the guests in the room.  It is regarded as a guest facility & is functional round the clock in all luxury hotels.


Banquets:  this outlet is usually the largest revenue-earning outlet in the food & beverage service department.  It serves food & beverage to a gathering of people at special functions such as wedding, parties, reception, and cocktail dinners.  A large number of casual staff is employed with this section.


Bar:  there are normally two kinds of bar in Indian hotel.  One is the public bar, and the other is the service bar.  The public bar is located in the public area & is used for the service of paying customer, it maybe in-house guests or nonresidents, cocktail snacks may also be served here.

The service or the dispense bar is used for dispensing drinks to other outlets of the hotel such as coffee shop, room service outlet, banquets & specialty restaurant.  It is generally located in the back area of the hotel & is open round the clock.


Discotheque:  it is actually a dancing room with a recorded music.  F&B amenities are provided only as a utility to the guest.  Mainly snacks are served.


Night club:  a well decorated place with dancing facilities to the time of a live band. F&B faci9lities are provided to the guest.  It is principally opened at night for dinner, dance & cabaret.


Cafeteria:  where the staff takes their major meals & snacks.  The section runs on a no loss-no profit basis.


Grillroom: here grilled and roasted meat cut are sold.  Normally a grillroom has a glass partition between the restaurant and kitchen.  The guest can see and choose his or her meat cuts and enjoy by seeing the actual preparation.

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