Food and Beverage – Lesson 8

Lesson: -08


Food and beverage Service Method:

There are some basic principles in food and beverage service that a waiter must know. When food is served by the waiter at the table from shelf on to guest’s plate, the service is done from the left. When the food is pre-platted the service to gust in usually done form right hand side.  All beverages are served from right. Ladies are always served first and remaining guest clock-wise.  All cutleries must be placed from the right to left or outside to inside style.  Soiled plates should always be cleaned form table from the right.


Types of service:

English service:          

It is often referred to as the “lost service” because the host plays an active rule in the service.  Fo0od is brought on platter by waiter & is shown to host for his approval.  The waiter then places the platter on the table.  The host portions the food & served it in the guest plate directly or after portioning the food host allowed waiter to serve it.


French service:

It is very personalized service.  Food is brought form kitchen in entrée dishes or oval plates and placing them on the table.  The plates are kept near the dish & guest help themselves.


Silver service:

This is a form of table service, where the waiter serves the food to the guesser at the table.  The food is picked up form the kitchen taken to the hot plate on the side station on platters & presented to the guesser.  Before service the waiter should ensure that the food is served on to the guests plate in a stylish & efficient manner.  This type of service demands skill on the part of the waiter in handling a service spoon & fork and on organized way of functioning.


American or pre-plated device:

The food is fully pre-plated portion is predetermined and accompaniment will also be presented in terms of nutrition & color service is entire fast.


Russian service:

The food is taken directly on the guerdon trolley, which is placed near the guest’s table.  The waiter pre-portions the food & serves it onto the guest’s plate, & then places the plate in front of the guest.  Presentation is an important aspect of this service and at times, whole joints of meat, game, fish or poultry are presented to the guest before being carved by the waiter & served.


Gueridon service:

The word gueridon means a mobile table or trolley, which is brought close to the guest’s table.  This type of service involves the use of a gueridon trolley.  It requires the waiter to be a showman as well as a good cook.  He should be skilled & possess the ability to carve a joint of meat, fillet a fish, prepare a grape fruit cocktail, and flambé a variety of dishes.


Buffet service:

A buffet is a table or a counter set with all the cooked food stylishly displayed.  There are two forms of buffet service——-

  1. a sit down buffet
  2. a fork buffet.


Room service:

It implies serving of food and beverage in guest rooms of hotel.  Small orders are served in tray.  Major meals are taken to the room on the trolleys.  The waiter receives the order & place the order to the kitchen.  In the mean while he prepares his trays or trolleys.  He then goes to cashier to have a cheque prepared to take along with the food order for the guest.  Usually clearance of sailed dishes form the room is done after half an hour or an hour.


Cafeteria service:

This type of service is very common in schools and institutions.  The guest picks up a tray & selects the food from the display counters.  At the end of the service counter, a cashier totals up the cost of the meal by checking the food on the tray.  The guest pays for the meal before going to the dining section.




Airline tray service:


The first catering seen of places could best be desired as a packed lunch of assorted sandwitches, a flash of tea and it was a case take out or leave it.   Airlines now have a catering unit.  It is now accepted that where short distance and flight times are involved then the airline staff have time to give extensive service of food & beverages.  Further knowledge of the tourist flights all meals must be of the same size all portions identical.  When all the food has been prepared, the required quantities of each dish are placed on trays either into hot and kept hot until being catering.



Rail service:


F & B operations on rail are the main conventional restaurant & close operation on sleepers, limited types of room service is provided.  However these services are provided on the home away from the home way suppliers. Rail catering is also moving towards the operations of tray system similar to airlines.


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