Food and Beverage – Lesson 10




  • What is briefing?

Briefing is a meeting of restaurant staff and it denotes, it is a technical talk between the staff members.


  • When it is held?

It is held minimum half an hour before the restaurant is opened for the guest. The briefing can be increased if the senior staff of restaurant decides so.


  • Where it is held?

It is held in the restaurant itself. All the staff respects their senior staff members that are senior captain, standing in one line facing the senior staff member.


During briefing


In these sessions senior staff members of the restaurant looks into the following points-

(a)Instruction to the staff: – The staff is pointed out his mistakes of the previous day and how to rectify them. The staff should not feel bad about this. Because learning from mistakes and not committing them again, helped one to learn more and become efficient in his work.

(b) Check the aspect of service.

(c) Checks upon the staff knowledge of menu.

(d) Receive suggestion.

(e) Listen to the problem of the staff.

(f) Checks on the non-availability of the day.

(g) Check on the hygiene, the uniform and personal appearance of the staff.

(h) Allot station to captain and stewards.

(i) Explain if any new house rule or policy is there.

(j) The staff should clarify all doubt.

(k) This time is very important for a new staff to train up and the old staff refreshes their knowledge.



What are the points that junior staff keep in mind before briefing?


The name of the items which are not available in food and beverage menu.



1. Once steward who is assigned to go and asked the chef or section in charge to check up the non-availability item and then go to the bar and check up the non-availability of beverage with the help of Barman. The non-availability of the F & B item of the day should be written on the board and fixed up next to the service door towards the kitchen, not inside the restaurant. This will help the staff member to know the day’s non-availability.


2. He should see that his shoes are polished. His dress does not look caddy, he should shave and hairs are not too long. His nails are cut and cleaned and not bad smell from mouth.


3. All the staff should see that they have clean waiter’s cloth, clean handkerchief, bottle opener, match box, pen and pad.


4. He should always be knowledge with the recipe of the food item listed in the menu as well as the cocktails in the bar card.


Importance of briefing:                  


Briefing is very important to train up the staff, develop good communication, and better work. The following help us to understands the importance of briefing-


1. Knowledge of menu card and bar card:-

It helps the staff building up confidence in them. The staff of restaurant is like a salesman who should know fully well the products, which he sales. It mostly happened when a guest enquiry a particular dish of the menu, the steward has to run to the captain show that captain can explain it to the guest. This leaves a very bad impression in the mind of the guest because he feels that the staff are doing not know what they are serving.


2. Personal appearance of the staff:-

This helps the staff themselves to feel confident and also be pleasing in the eye of the guest.


3. Check of non-availability of the day:-

This helps the staff taking order efficiently if he does not know the non-availability of the day and takes the order for any dishes and then goes to kitchen. He finds the item is not available. Such position puts the staffs into a lot of embarrassment, which also create a bad impression in the mind of the guest. All these can be avoided with the help of this briefing.


4. Receive suggestion:-

This helps developing good team work and finding suitable solution to practical problem during day to day service.



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