Food and Beverage – Lesson 11

Types of Service

F & B Service Method:

There are some basic principles in F & B Service that a waiter must know. When food is served by the waiter at the table from platter an to guest plate, the service is done from the left side. When the food is pre-plated, the service is done from right hand side. Ladies are always served first and remaining guest clock-wise. All cutleries must be placed from the right to left or outside to inside style, soiled plate should always be cleaned from the right hand side of the guest.

 Different Types of Service:



1. English service: – It is often referred to as the “host service” because host plays an important role in this service. Food is brought on a platter by the waiter and is shown to host for his approval. The waiter then placed the platter on the table. The host portions the food and served it in the guest plate directly or after the food, the host allowed waiter to serve it.

2. French service or Silver service: – Under this type of service the waiter after taking the food order lays the according to the menu with necessary cutlery. The waiter then serves empty plates at the center of the each cover. The food is then brought from the side board in their respective platter or entrée dish. He then served the dishes course wise from platter to plate, with the help of service gear. Before actual service is after the waiter first present the dish to the guest for approval. The service is done from the platter directly to the plate. It is now also known as PLATTER to PLATE service.

In original French service the cutlery, service gear, platter, share dish etc. were made of silver and so this is also known as SILVER SERVICE. Only one waiter is needed in each station. It is less expensive than Russian service. It is much faster than English and Russian service. In this service there is comparatively less wastage as unused food goes back to the kitchen to be served again.


3. American service: – According to the habit of the Americans they are moved time conscious & hence they do not really appreciate a very lengthy procedure in the service style. According to American service the food is directly served to the guest because it is pre-plated. When the order is given for more number of courses the waiter brings a try stand & places it beside the table. The waiter than served the pre-plated dishes course wise on the tray stand. It is the guest who then takes the dish with the food from the tray stand to the table. After finishing a particular dish he places the soiled dish/plate on the tray stand & takes the next course to entertain himself. In the mean time the waiter goes and clearing the soiled plates from the tray stand.

Pre-plated service or plate-service has been derived from American service and is now used in coffee shops of the hotel. Because in the coffee-shop a more simplified & less elaborate service is offered.

4. Russian service:- Russian are normally prefer to order a large joint or whole fillet when they are in group in such case the whole portion is cooked and it elaborately garnished and then brought into the restaurant & placed on a side board beside the guest table. The guest then takes around 10 minutes time to view and appreciate & discuss about the garnish of that particular dish. After that the junior fillet is carved by the waiter & guests are served.

5. Indian service: – In Indian service the guest were sited on an “ashen” on the floor. Foods were served in Thales made of silver. The various items to be eaten with rice are to be served individual silver bowls. This Bowie’ was arranged around the Thales. Because no cutlery is used for eating and the finger are used for that purpose. The water tumbler, which is also made of silver, placed on the left hand side.



Gueridons trolley service:

This is originated from France and it means small table. One day prince Edward VII who was the prince of walls, came in café de Paris at Monte” Carlo with his girlfriend Suzette. Where Henry Charpentier who was 14 years old worked as a commie III in café de Paris. The prince ordered a crepe dish (pan cake made with cornflower and cooked in sweet orange juice) and flavor with Curacao. At that time Henry brings a table with gas cylinder and prepared the dish by adding cognac brandy at last unfortunately the dish get fired and he served the dish to prince’s girlfriend. Edward gets attracted by viewing the way of preparation and he told Henry to prepare one more for him. But Henry did not know how the dish gets fired. He followed the same way as he made it first time and served it to prince. Then the prince appoints his as a royal family head chef. Life span was very short for Henry because he was very alcoholic. He died at the age of 34.



1. We can give personalize service to the guest as because the service is done by senior restaurant captain.

2. It helps to marketing of food. As the looker also get excited and order for the same preparation.

3. It increases the status of the restaurant. As it is a kind of classical authentic service. Restaurant name gets spread.



1. Skilled worker requires so cost of meal rates increase.

2. Costly equipments requires so cost of rate increase.

3. Lot of space required arrange the trolley

4. If not properly maintained there is a chance of accident in front of the guest.


Following item should be in guerdon trolley:-

1. The blue. See. Sauce,

2. Tabasco. Sauce,

3. Cap Scio sauce,

4. Salt and paper,

5. Caster sugar,

6. Cucumber,

7. Chili sauce,

8. Dame Glass,

9. H.P. sauce,

10. French master,

11. Lemon juice,

12. Sugar syrup,

13. Gherkin,

14. Butter,

15. Cognac brandy,

16. Ram,

17. Benedictine,

18. Madera,

19. Curacao etc.

In guerdon service the mobile table or trolley which brought close to the guest table and the waiter prepares the ordered food in front of the guest eye. So it required the waiter to be skilled an able to carve the joint of meat, fillet of a fish and variety of flambé preparation.

Example: Of some flambé dish-crêpe Suzette, RAM Omlatte, steak Diana, monkey gland steak.




Buffet service: Here foods are displayed in chafing dish or in other suitable containers of various style and origin and guest pick up items of their choice. Waiter may also help in the service foods to guest plate behind or from the front of the buffet table. Buffets are also arranged for various occasions and for large number of guest. The buffet can be for hot food as well as for cold food. Cold buffet is particularly popular in western countries. Convenience of the guest, space arrangement, guest movement’s prevention of over co lowing at station, decoration etc. is to be carefully considered in this type of service.



The service is from a single point and guest can be consumed food on the premises or taken away.



Cafeteria service: This type of service is very common in school and institution. The guests pick up tray and select the food to the display counter. At the end of the service counter a cashier total up the cost of the meal by checking the food on the tray. The guest pays for the meal before going to dinning section.



1. Airline tray service: Catering to Airline passengers on flights, as well as at restaurant situated at airports is termed as airline catering.

2. Railway service: Catering to Railway passengers both during the journey as well as during halts at the different railway station is termed as railway catering.

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