Food and Beverage – Lesson 12


          LESSON – 12



From the entrance of a guest to exit of a guest is the cycle of service

1.ENTRY:  welcome him/her.  All guests have to be welcomed to your outlet.  Wishing the time of the day. Say welcome to [the name of the outlet]. It is very important to smile and received the guest at the door with his/her name. Other phrases are may be used at the time of entry.

“It’s nice to see you again”.

“It’s a pleasure having you with us”.



Q. Are we holding reservation for you sir?

A. No/yes. If the answer is yes then..

Q. What name would that be sir/

if the answer is No. Then…

Q.  For how many people we should organize to be?

If there is no table. Then,

A.  Sorry sir, at presents we don’t have any table, would you mind waiting for some time, so that I can arrange a table for you Sir?


3.RESERVATION:  usually reservation is done by phone.  Greet the guest by wishing with the time of the day

Q.  May I help you?

A.  I would like to reserve a table to nigh.

Q. Right sir, in which name. / For how many people it would be sir?

A. For 9 person

Q. when would you like to com/[some answer is given]

Q.  May I have your contact number sir?

Q. right sir, your table is reserved.


4.ESCORTING GUEST:  Guest must not be left at the entrance but should be escorted to the table this is must. If the restaurant hostess is busy any person near the entrance including the waiter to captain, must escort the guest.


5.PULL THE CHAIR:  On reaching the tables chairs must be pull out for you guest.  Ladies first in the rule.


6.SERVICE AT THE TABLE:  Pour the water [you should ask if they prefer mineral water /normal water. take a jug and hold over the glass and ask—“may I sir, or would you prefer mineral  water”.


7.MENU PRESENTATION:  The order of presenting the menu is beverage, food and then wine (if existing).  The menu is held from the top center and opened on the first page. While holding over to guest—-

“Our beverage selection Sir.”

“Our food selection Sir.”

“Our wine selection Sir.”



8.         ORDER TAKING:           At the time of taking the order we say—-                                                             “May I take your order Sir?”                                                                                           “May I know your choice Sir?”                                                                                               “May I know your selection Sir?”


9.         REPEAT THE ORDER: Repeat the order, which is given.  Give a time guarantee.

Say—your order will be served in— minutes.  The time guarantee is important as a guest will know and expect you to serve with in that time.  If he is in hurry, then you can change the order or make a promise based on the recommendation of the chef.  If the order is going to be delayed then informed the guest about it and apologies before he calls you and states this.  Thus becoming complains.


10.        SERVICE OF FOOD:     Before service of food check for the table accompaniment and the cover requirement, which need to e set in place.  For food pick up carry the service cutlery and the underline to the kitchen.  So that the food pick up goes directly to the guest’s table rat6her then via the side station.




12.        AFTER SERVICE OF FOOD:     after we served the food on the table we must ask—- as there any thing I can get for you?  This is the time when guest will look at the food on the table and give order for second helping or running order.


13.        THEN WISH THE GUEST:          Enjoy your meal (with a smile)


14.        DESSART SERVICE:    Same as food service if the guest does not want dessert. Then ask for tea or coffee.  If you serve dessert those after the service of desert ask.  Would you care for same tea or coffee?


15.        CHECK CLOSSING:      The bill presentation must be first.  Immediately after serving desert and checking for tea or coffee.  The cashier must instruct to close the check.  This should be then put in a folder at the side station. When the guest ask for the bill it should be given at the table with the words— “ YOUR CHECK SIR” in case of payment by credit card the cashier must do the verification when the charge slip is sent back to the guest for his signature.  So that the card and bill can be preantly return to the guest and he can leaves.

16.        EXIT:    Please come again Sir.                                                              Have a nice day.


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