Food and Beverage – Lesson 19





The service room serves, as pantry is an auxiliary section situated just behind the service floors of the restaurant and the kitchen hot plate.

An ideal pantry must have the following facilities:

  1. There should be two serving doors connecting the pantry with the restaurant mark ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’.
  2. The doors must have metal kicking at the bottoms to avoid hard wear and tear.
  3. A large box for collecting soiled linen should be provided to prevent its loss.
  4. Cupboard for crockery, silver ware, glassware must be provided.
  5. 2 or 3 tier table for receiving dirty plates and silverware help in quick disposal of this equipment to their respective places for working.
  6. In order to save the breakage and losses of the glassware is made for washing & storage
  7. Separate bins should be provided for collection waste food and rubbish matters
  1. Generally there is also a dispense bar inside the pantry.


After putting the dirty linen, silver, china and glassware etc. in their proper place, the waiter goes to serve table in the service room to collect the dishes by the customers and re-enters the restaurants.




The main function of stillroom is to provide items of food & beverages required for the service of a meal and not catered by the other major department in a restaurant operation, such as the kitchen, larder & pastry.  The duties performed in this service area will vary according to the type of meals offered and the size of the establishment.


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