Food and Beverage – Lesson 20



Buffet & banquets:

Banquets are special function organized for professional, social or state occasions.  This outlet is usually the largest revenue-earning outlet in the F & B service department.  It serves food & beverages to a gathering of people at special functions such as weddings, parties, conferences & meetings.



Banquet staff:


In the above setup banquet manager is over all in charge of administration dealing with guests and co-coordinating all arrangements.  The supervisor co-ordinates the implementation of function arrangements & controls staff job allocation.  The waiter & asst waiters make the actual arrangements & do to service.  The banquet representative prepares a sales kit of brochures, fact sheet; layout etc. and visits potential clients to solicit business.  The representative is often present in function to ensure that guests are satisfied with the arrangement.  The secretary handles all correspondence & filing & often takes bookings on the phone.



Taking a booking for banquet:


Bookings taken on special information sheet called function sheet or function prospectus.  The type of information recorded is:

  1. Name of booking party.
  2. Name of the person to whom the bill is to be sent to
  3. Nature & type of function
  4. Date of function
  5. Time of function
  6. Number of people expected and number guaranteed.  A guaranteed number is the minimum number of people for whom a charge will be made.
  7. Menu—type of service required
  8. Win, alcohol, & non-alcoholic drinks to be served.
  9. Type of table layout
  10. Special arrangements such as band, microphones, lectures, ramps, flowers, ice-sculpture etc
  11. Seating plan and name of guests for state banquets
  12. Types of menu
  13. Price to be charged per person.
  14. Price for hall and special arrangements.


Banquet table layouts:

The type of layout is dependent upon

    1. Nature of function
    2. Number of cover’s required.
    3. Size of hall allocated.
    4. The desires of the guest
    5. The type of service to be provided


Space & guest per waiter:

Usually a banquet table accommodates three to six guests on each side.  Spaces between covers should be a minimum of 20” & a maximum of 32” per cover (24” ideally) space between tables should be a minimum of 4 ½ feet.

Two waiter’s are allocated to 8—10 covers the wine waiter may serve up to 30-35 covers.  The banquet supervisor normally stands behind the chairman during the meal.  The manager stands right opposite the banquet supervisor for signals or instructions.



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