Food and Beverage – Lesson 23



Tips distribution


One of the systems for collections of tips is to keep what one receives.  The practice, which is followed most widely, is “the pooling system” as under: –

The captain ensures that all the money received as tips is collected at each station in a box.

The entire amount is counted by him and entered in to the tip register after the restaurant close.

The tips are distributed according to ‘point’ each staff member is given a fixed number of points depending upon his seniority i.e. supervisors get maximum 7 trainee waiters the minimum.

The total money received during the week is divided by the total number of points, which the entire staff member’s have.

At the end of the week, this figure is multiplied by the total number of points each person has and the money is distributed.

This amount is entered in the register & the signature of the recipients obtained.  It is the duty of the restaurant supervisor to see that the distributions honest & just.


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