Food and Beverage – Lesson 24





Soups are wholesome & nutritious liquid food made from meat, seafood, vegetable, cereals or poultry.  It is the second course in the French classical menu, though it is the first course in many meals & acts as an appetizer.


Example of:

  1. Cold soup: gazpacho (Spain), avocado soup, cream of lettuce soup.
  2. International soup:

C  Green turtle soup—England

C  French onion soup—France

C  Mulligatawny soup—India

C  Camoro—brazil

C  Geole—new Orleans

C  Minestrone—Italy

C  Manhattan clam chowder—American.

C  Scotch broth—Scotland


  1. Color of different soup:

C  Minestrone—orange red

C  Tomato—deep red

C  Bisque—orange

C  Veloutes—off white

C  Consommé—


Example of:

C  Purees soup—tomato puree, pea soup

C  Veloutes—chicken veloutes, celery veloutes

C  Bisque—bisque homard, Cray fish

C  Chowder—clam chowder, oyster chowder


Garnish of soup:

C  Cereals—boiled rice with mulligatawny soup.

C  Croutons—cream of tomato soup

C  Cream—cream of mushroom

C  Cheese—French onion soup

C  Meats, poultry

C  Seafood—chicken soup

C  Pasta—minestrone soup


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