Food and Beverage – Lesson 25



Methods of cooking


There are certain basic aspects of food preparation that all restaurant personnel should be familiar.  They are:

  1. Methods of cooking
  2. Basic soups
  3. Basic sauces
  4. Preparation of menu items.


Methods of cooking:


  1. Steaming                                              water media
  2. Boiling                                                  water media
  3. Roasting                                               fat media
  4. Poaching                                              water media
  5. Grilling                                                  fat media
  6. Frying                                                   fat media
  7. Baking                                                  radiant heat media
  8. Broiling                                                 dry heat media
  9. Smoking                                               smoke media
  10. Stewing                                                water media
  11. Braising                                                liquid media


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