Food and Beverage – Lesson 27

Lesson: 27


Automatic vending


            In the broadest sense, automatic vending may be defined as ‘selling by automation’.  It is a form of automatic retailing using one of the following:

C  Coin

C  Banknote

C  Token

C  Money card


The types of service available may be broken into two areas, namely services & facilities and consumables; e.g.;

Services & facilities                                                     consumables

¨       TV time                                                           hot & cold beverages

¨       Gas                                                                meals

¨       Water                                                              confectionery

¨       Electricity                                                        tobacco

¨       Shoe cleaning                                                 alcoholic drinks

¨       Toilets

¨       Baggage store


Within the catering fame work’ automatic vending refers to the supply of a wide variety of food & beverage, both hot & cold through coin/ token operated machines.

Two sectors of the catering industry benefit most at the present time form automatic vending, namely industrial & transport catering.  Vending machines are found sited in canteens, factories, offices, industrial concerns, railways stations, schools, hospitals etc.


¨       24 hours services

¨       Low cost

¨       Increase in productivity

¨       Food cost control

¨       Economy of labor

¨       Fresh beverage

¨       Variety



¨       Speed of service is slow

¨       Electricity

¨       Maintenance

¨       Break down


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