Food and Beverage – Lesson 28

Lesson: 28


KOT control


How to handle (K.O.T.)= Essentially there are four methods of taking food& beverage orders from guests or controls restaurant.


Method                                                                         description

Triplicate                                                                       order is taken; top copy goes to kitchen, second copy is sent to the cashier for billing, third copy retained by the waiter as a means of reference during service.


Duplicate                                                     order taken; top copy goes

to the kitchen.  Second copy is retained for service & billing purposes.


Service with order    order is taken, guest is served & payment received according to the order. E.g. bar service or take away methods.



  1. Individually e.g. room service breakfast.
  1. Hospital tray system
  2. Functions

All order taking methods are based upon these four concepts.  Even the most sophisticated electronic system is based upon either duplicate or triplicate method even though the actual checks may not be written communicated electronically to VDUS or print out machines.


How to handle bills, presentation of bills & settlement when a guest requires the bill, the waiter checks everything is entered on the duplicate copy of the food & beverage check & then totals the bill.  Now the bill is hand over to the guest on a folder.  One of two methods of payment may now occur.  The guest may pay at the cash desk on the way out or may pay cash direct to the cash desk on the way out or may pay cash direct to the waiter who will give any change that is necessary.  The cashier usually keeps the bill on payment but if a guest wishes to have receipt, then a special bill is written out & receipted.  Then the cashier will draw up a daily summer sheet or analysis sheet to show the daily taking and also an analysis sheet showing each individual waiter takings.

Control is effected by the control & accounts department marrying up the checks used to order food & drinks for the bars, still room, & kitchen against bills issued by each waiter.


i�n:�� �I� mes New Roman”‘>       Electricity                                                        tobacco


¨       Shoe cleaning                                                 alcoholic drinks

¨       Toilets

¨       Baggage store


Within the catering fame work’ automatic vending refers to the supply of a wide variety of food & beverage, both hot & cold through coin/ token operated machines.

Two sectors of the catering industry benefit most at the present time form automatic vending, namely industrial & transport catering.  Vending machines are found sited in canteens, factories, offices, industrial concerns, railways stations, schools, hospitals etc.


¨       24 hours services

¨       Low cost

¨       Increase in productivity

¨       Food cost control

¨       Economy of labor

¨       Fresh beverage

¨       Variety



¨       Speed of service is slow

¨       Electricity

¨       Maintenance

¨       Break down


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