Food and Beverage – Lesson 13

Lesson –13




Types of tobacco:

  1. Virginian tobacco—Virginia, Kentucky & other state of America.
  2. Asiatic tobacco—Balkans, sierra & Asiatic minor.
  3. Egyptian tobacco—across the Nile valley.


Best-known tobacco for cigar came from VIULTA ABAZO           in the district of Cuba.

Size of Cigar—

  1. Corona—5 ½’’
  2. Petit corona—5’’
  3. Trespetit corona—4 ½”


Part of Cigar—

  1. Filler—bunch
  2. Binder—bunch
  3. Wrapper (matured tobacco leaf)


Filler:  filler is the inner core of the cigar.  It is leaves of different varieties of tobacco that are broken up.  The strength of the cigar depends on the filler.

Binder:  is made up of a single strong leaf to hold the filler together.  The filler and the binder are together called bunch.

Wrapper:  is the outer wrapping of the cigar.  It is made from the finest tobacco leaf.  This makes it more presentable and aromatic.  The outer wrapper is not necessarily obtained from the same source as the filler tobacco.  In fact some cigars with Jamaican filling have a Havana wrapper and these are in distinguishable in appearance & taste from the original Havana product.

Strength of cigars:

The strength of a cigar depends on the filler and wrapper as well as the curing and fermentation methods employed in making it.

¨       Colorado madurao: extra strong

¨       Colorado claro: medium

¨       Colorado (C): strong

¨       Claro (CCC)




Shapes of cigars:

¨       Bellied or torpedo shaped in which both ends may be pierced or cut.

¨       Round or flat ended in which either end may be cut or pierced.



Quality of cigars:

¨       A cigar should be smooth, firm and even to touch. The open or cut end should be evenly cut with a cigar cutter

¨       A good quality cigar will produce a firm grayish ash, which will hold for a long time before falling off.


Service of cigars:

¨       Cigars should be offered in cedar wood box

¨       They should be stored in a humidor that they do not lose their aroma and become dry & crumbly.

¨       A cigar cutter and a box of cigar smoker’s matches, which are longer, and burn slower than the normal matches, should be presented to the guest.

¨       The band of the cigar should be removed before smoking

¨       If the cigar is not cut, a clean’V’cut should be made from the rounded end with a cigar cutter to allow the smoke to be drawn easily through the flue.

¨       A cigar should not be pierced as it blocks the flow of air and the smoke gets a tar smell.

¨       A matchbox should light a cigar only, as fumes of the cigarette lighter may affect its taste.


Storing tobacco:

¨       The ideal temperature for storing cigars and cigarettes is between

180 C and 320 C.

¨       A cedar wood case is preferred to any other kind of box, as its porous nature allows cigars to breathe.


Some popular brand of cigars:

Havana brands: Romeo-Y-Juliet a, Bock-Y-CIA, La Corona, Up man, Henry clay, Bolivar, Cabana.

Jamaican brands: La Tropicana, La Invicita, and Harry’s Jamaica.

Others brand:  Churchill’s, Pantellos, and Margaritas.

The two methods used for curing tobacco are

¨       Fermentative method

¨       Non-fermentative method.


Fermentative methods:  in this method the curing is done by exposing the tobacco leaves to a temperature of about 770 C for 3 to 4 weeks.  The leaves develop a distinct flavor and turn brown, glossy & pliable.


Non fermentative method:  in this process the leaves are dried in the sun for about 4 to 5 days when the minimum temperature is between 180 C and 240 C  & some moisture is also present in the air.  Th leaves turn light & yellow in color.  After curing in the sun, the leaves are subjected to a high temperature for a particular length of time to retain the color. To start with they are subjected to a temperature of 370 C.  This temperature is consistently raised to 820 C and is maintained for 4 to 8 hours.  It is then decreased to 510 C and retained for 4 to 8 hours and is again slowly increased until it reaches 770C.  The leaves retain their yellow color.  This sun-cured process makes chewing tobacco.


Service of cigarettes:

Cigarettes should be served on a quarter plate with a daily paper as an under liner.  The packet should be opened and several cigarettes should be partially pulled quit of the packet.  A box of matches should be placed beside the packed of cigarettes.  A waiter should light the cigarette for the guest & extinguish the lit match by a swift downward swish of the hand.


¨       Benson hedge

¨       Marlboro

¨       555

¨       Capstain

¨       Indian king

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